2019 Seat Tarraco Spied Testing


2019 SEAT TARRACO SPIED TESTING AT THE NÜRBURGRING.Recently, SEAT tested one of its vehicles at the Nurburgring Race Circuit in Nürburg, Germany. More specifically, it was examining the much-anticipated SEAT Tarraco. Pictures of the car at the test site have emerged in social media. They have given people an idea of what to expect from the vehicle after the company releases it to the public.

For example, the pictures show that the back end of the SEAT Tarraco will have a big boot opening. Loading luggage into the Tarraco will be easy because of this big boot. However, viewing some features from these pictures was impossible, but people suspect that the vehicle will have them. These features include distinctive LED light signatures in the car’s boot.
Other expectations are that top range versions of it will have dual exhaust pipes. Many car enthusiasts are also waiting to see how the Tarraco compares with the Tiguan Allspace & Skoda Kodiaq. They want to see if the Tarraco will offer them a viable alternative to these vehicles. Consequently, analyzing this car in comparison to other SUVs is critical.

• Similarities to Other Vehicles The Tarraco will be the most massive SUV produced by SEAT S.A. That means it will be as chunky as the Skoda Kodiaq and the Volkswagen Tiguan are. In other words, it will have big wheels that come with large arches. It will also have roof bars that accentuate its rugged appeal. Additionally, it will echo Kodiaq’s comfortable suspension and direct steering.

Interestingly, the layout of the car bears some striking similarities to the Ateca and Leon. In fact, SEAT based the development of this layout on the Ateca and Leon. Another feature in the Tarraco that is the standard in high-end SUVs is a customizable screen that shows different types of information. Others are dual climate-zone control, heated seats, and adaptive cruise control.


• Distinction from Other CarsThe SEAT Tarraco is a highly distinct vehicle even though it shares many similarities with other SUVs. For example, it has a distinctive front end styling with piercing headlights in addition to a six-point grille. In contrast, the Kodiaq and the Skoda have a butterfly grille. The Tarraco is also different from the Ateca because it has a third row of seats.

• Suitability for FamiliesThe SEAT Tarraco is highly suitable for families because it has loads of room for children and parents. Remember, it has seven seats. The middle row has plenty of head and legroom as well, unlike most seven-seater SUVs. Unfortunately, the boot space at the back will only fit a small amount of shopping when the back seats in place. However, it will handle loads of luggage when you put up the front five seats.

• Under the BonnetYou will have two choices. One of them is a 150-horsepower turbocharged 1.4-liter engine. You can run it on half of its cylinders under a light throttle. This choice will cost you $25,800. Alternatively, you can go for the second option, which is a 2.0-liter engine with 178-horsepower. It will cost you close to $36,000.

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