2019 Proton Iriz Facelift Spotted


Proton, a Malaysian auto manufacturer, launched the Proton Iriz on September 25, 2014. The unveiling of this five-door super-mini took place at Proton City in Muallim District, Malaysia. The number of units produced since this launch stood at 43,129 in July 2016. Interestingly, Proton is modifying this model barely four years after the company launched it. Funtasticko.net shared spy footage with the public proving that Proton is transforming this vehicle. More specifically, this footage captures the newly modified Proton Iriz as the manufacturer tests it on Malaysian roads. You can see several changes to the rear of the vehicle as well as to the front. Sadly, determining the modifications made to the engine is impossible.

2019 Proton Iriz spy photo.

Changes to the Rear and the Front

A modified rear bumper is one of the most prominent changes to the Proton Iriz. This modification includes light reflectors that have moved to the upper part of the bumper. Another noticeable change is the new shark-fin antenna that replaces the old micro pole antenna. Changes to the front include a tweaked headlamp, repositioned fog lamps, and revised grille. The interior may have some modifications as well including a new trim and upgraded upholstery. Moreover, improvements to the infotainment system are likely. It is worth noting that some parts of the vehicle remained unchanged even though most vehicle uplifts touch on these areas. For example, no redesign work was present on the tail lamps. It is also likely that the engine remains unaffected by these changes.

2019 Proton Iriz spy picture.

Specifications for the Current Model

Currently, purchasing a Proton Iriz with a 1.3-liter engine is possible. This engine produces 70 kW, i.e., 90 horsepower at 5,750 rpm. It releases 120 Nm of torque as well at 4,000 rpm. The power goes to the wheels via a continuously variable transmission or a five-speed manual transmission. The Proton Iriz is also available in a 1.6-liter engine that produces 80 kW, i.e., 107 horsepower at 5,750 rpm. It releases 150 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. Powers goes to the wheel via a continuously variable transmission.

The details associated with this spy footage are fascinating because they reveal a lot about the changes to the car’s exterior. At the same time, the modifications to the interior are still a mystery.

Check this video and see how many changes you can notice.


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