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Are you an automobile guy? If you are then you must have heard that by 2019 Mercedes will finally unleash the most awaited supercar; upgraded GEL model.

Just imagine the look on your friend’s eyes when you drive in your 600hp V8 engine powered brand new AMG-badged GLE model at your local Waitrose car park? Oooh that sounds amazing.

Just take your time and read what 2019 Mercedes GEL has for you come 2019…


1. 2019 Mercedes GLE Artistic Styling
Despite the unlimited visual changes incorporated in the upgraded GEL it still recons with the noble Mercedes’ SUV range

Lower and wider than its older model this 2019 GLE version has an artistic styling ideal both for the femininity and masculinity desires. An exquisite side profiling gives this SUV a shorter decisive look while a squared-off wheel arches design gives it a signature rugged off-road look.

For a crafty attractive front look, it comes with a dominant front grill and some bright LED headlights polish it up giving is a road-friendly front picture.

To add some A-Class taste this exquisite machine comes with a perfectly shaped boot and some matching rear lights to give it a final attractive rear makeover.

2. 2019 Mercedes GLE Interior
The interior gives some taste of modernity, comfort, and efficiency…

The dashboard comes with a big dual-screen commonly seen in the prestigious E-Class saloon. One screen displays all the tools and information vital for driving, while the other display navigation and infotainment data.

Rather than a touchscreen GEL is fitted with manual weather control dials keys which assure you uninterrupted access to the dials keys when driving.

2019 Mercedes GLE class.

3. 2019 Mercedes GLE Driving and Engine
The 2019 GLEs are designed with impeccable aerodynamics meant to greatly improve braking and acceleration performance.

If you wish to enjoy a kingly ride across town without offsetting your budget in the top-performance engine then 2019 Mercedes GEL should be your ultimate choice; curtsey of replacing the typical 2.1 diesel unit with a modern 2.0-liter diesel unit.

Giving out over 205hp and 48mpg this engine is created to realize your driving fantasies and take you to the moon and back in a supersonic speed.

The worst nightmare any driver dreads is running out of gas during an out of town drive. In Our new GEL 53 hybrid plug-in model however you will enjoy a 31-mile drive grace period in which the car will operate exclusively on electric power.

To economize on fuel consumption Mercedes will first release infantry rear driven GLEs and later impress the buyers with the powerful 4-wheel drive SUVs.

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Classified Information

The company is targeting to release a variety of GLEs models come 2019. We’ll all 2019 GLEs are great cars to ride in but nothing will stand between the powerful AMG GLE 63 and its success story.

With a huge 4.0 v8 engine the standard AMG E63 will churn out 563hp while its superior GLE 63 S model will give you a maximum of 603hp.

Bottom Line

The choice is your guys…thanks for reading through and for a short video to sum everything up click on this link watch my short video and leave your honest thoughts in my comment box. big up guys; stand by for the next coming videos, thanks:

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srjoOjmnw7E&t=1s


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