2019 BMW Z4 spy shots and video


BMW can always be relied upon to wow the crowds with its visionary concept cars, and last year’s BMW Z4 unveiling at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance was no exception. Now, the world waits in anticipation as it inches forward towards production.

Spy picture of BMW Z4.As we all know, car companies never release their official engine statistics before the unveiling of the finished vehicle, but credible though unofficial sources would have us know that we’re looking forward to some incredible power in the various launch markets.

Europe can expect to see an entry-level variant that comes with a four-cylinder engine and can produce up to 320 Nm (236 pounds per foot) of torque from a horsepower of 195 (145 kiloWatts).

Spyphotos of BMW Z4 from backside.The North American market can look forward to something a little more powerful in their base model as they can expect to see this hitting their roads: a four-cylinder engine capable of working up an impressive 250 horsepower (186 kiloWatts).

Aside from these, enthusiasts might also be in for a bit of treat. Rumour has it that there’s the possibility of a 3-liter TwinPower six-cylinder Turbo engine with a massive output of 380 hp (283kW) in harness.

The clean design we saw in the Z4 concept car has been the inspiration for the production drop-top model’s design, which is a logical decision on their part – there are some designs that look good in concept, but which might be a bit much on your way to work. As we’ve seen in the video and stills, the heavily canted side strakes of the concept are still in evidence although the massive air intakes that were set in the from bumper have been toned down somewhat. The rear-end detailing of the concept car has also been made a little bit more modest, as well.

In all likelihood, what we’ve managed to get set our eyes on so far will turn out, in the end, to be the base version of what will ultimately be hitting the roads. We haven’t seen any inkling of the M-Performance and M-Sport enhancements that will surely be a part of the finished package come release day. We can deduce as much from the not-so-subtle slats observable on the rear bumper, which are a departure from what we saw during the Autoblog test drive.

The world awaits the unveiling of the new Z4 to take place in March next year, although all those hoping to catch a glimpse of it before then will be making their way to Pebble Beach in August for a preview. After that sneak-peek, those still hankering for some more juicy details will have to avail themselves at the Paris Motor Show, where BMW will be releasing the official power figures for the Z4. Exciting stuff for many across the world.

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The test drive report for this month already pointed out that the Z4’s single turbo, three-liter twin-scroll straight-six setup will be doing well at 382 horsepower and 396 pounds-per-feet, but we should also anticipate four-cylinder turbocharged engine to come right below the straight six. Finally, we can all but be certain that we’ll be seeing some Toyota-derived technology (hybrid tech) featuring somewhere in the Z4. We can’t wait.


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