A Comprehensive Review Of the 2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback


2019 BMW M140i SPIED.

BMW started a range of subcompact cars in 2004. This range, known as the BMW 1 Series, began with the E81/82/87/88. Today, the company has a new model for 2019. More specifically, this BMW 1 Series Hatchback is the latest vehicle in this range of executive cars. Unfortunately, many BMW enthusiasts feel disappointed that this model lacks a rear-wheel-drive layout, but it has some features that you will love.

Here are some of these features

The Driving Platform
Driving this car will be an incredible experience because it is comfortable and fast. Unfortunately, the amount of space in the back seat is wanting. This packed space results from its rear-wheel-drive layout. BMW is seeking ways of improving this situation so it will switch to front-wheel-drive. However, many people feel as though this move is futile, but BMW is persistent in its approach. In fact, the company is using its latest FAAR platform in pursuit of this endeavor.
Power to the Fours and the Front
The 2019 model will have an array of 1.5-liter three-cylinder engines in addition to 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines. These turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines will spearhead the range. Power will move to the vehicles front wheels through a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic transmission. It is worth noting that the availability of the six-speed manual depends on the model. Remember, there will be two models, a mild one, and a plug-in hybrid version.

2019 BMW M140i SPYSHOT.


In this case, M stands for Motorsport. BMW M started in the 1960s and 70s to facilitate the racing program that the company has. Today, the manufacturer builds M-performance engines for some of its vehicles including the F20/F21. This model has other exciting features as well. For example, it has precise sheet metal surfacing. It also has an aggressive and angular design.
Possible End to the 3-Door Hatchback
The market trend is shifting towards five-door hatchback models. BMW might follow this prevailing trend in the industry. That means it may ditch the F21. Consequently, the 2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback would be a five-door model only. This option seems beneficial to the company because it will reduce its research, development, and production costs significantly if it does so. However, chances of producing the 2019 F20 are still high.

The Interior
As mentioned earlier, the platform switch to front-wheel-drive will lead to improved spacing within the car. That is especially true for passengers who will sit in the rear seats of the vehicle. Other details on the interior are scanty. However, it is likely that BMW will employ similar cabins across cabins that are of the same size. It is also probable that BMW will adopt a cautious yet evolutionary approach to the vehicle’s interior.


The debut of the 2019 BMW Series 1 will happen next year at the Geneva Motor Show. However, there is a slight chance that BMW might release it at the end of this year. Interestingly, the debut of the M-performance model of this car is likely to take place later. More specifically, it may happen six to twelve months after the initial release of the original version.



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