2019 AUDI E-TRON spy pictures and video


2019 AUDI E-TRON spy photo


Yet another milestone from Audi!! All you wanted to know about the Audi’s new 2019 E-Tron E55 series coming on to the screen. Having a tough fight between Jaguar and Mercedes Electric vehicle, the all new Audi has showcased its E-Tron series, and planned to launch in the North America Market by the second quarter of 2019. Using a penetration marketing, the Audi advertising has taken a slow progress on taking this into the North America Market, yet popular.

All New E-Tron

Electric vehicles have gone and reached the utmost results to the people around the world. It has been counted to be the next generation automotive of the current decade. Following the path, Audi dominantly takes control of the introducing the E-Tron series into North America amidst of other fierce competitors like Tesla’s Model X, Jaguar’s I-pace. The SUV maker (Audi), has claimed that this will be one of the most successful and the most advanced electric SUV which could override the current competitors.
The below link shows you the testing happened last year on the vehicle.

The Features of the 2019 AUDI E-TRON

Regardless of the electric vehicle, the New 2019 E-Tron has a strong withholding of 95kWh of battery capacity and can able to charge to an 80% of battery within half hour of time, at 150kWh of direct current at high-speed public charging stations. There has been numerous testing been performed on the charge limit. Yet, official results are to be announced once the car is out. As of now, it is been suggested that almost 400 miles per charge is a minimum capacity range for the new mid-size SUV.The All new SUV has taken a great lead among its competitors, by having two asynchronous motors, and can reach 0-60m/hr. within 5.5 seconds leading to 0-100m/hr. at 14 seconds approximately. Although the expected torque is assumed to be close to 400Hp, maximum torque can be achieved at 250milliseconds.

The Interiors and Exteriors

Whenever it comes to an electric vehicle, the first thing you can expect is the leg room and the room space. The Audi 2019 E-Tron has been claimed to be having the most leg room space available in the history of electric vehicles. It has a spacious and more luxurious interiors among its competitors. More than that, it has a 10,1” screen running upfront the dashboard, giving a clear view on all the performance and other indicators with a snap of touch.As Audi wants to make it as easy as possible, on the interiors and exteriors, one can find an easy difference on what is bee added or what is been deleted by looking an Q series and E-Tron series. Without affecting the ground clearance, the Audi’s battery is clearly situation at the bottom of the chassis clearly giving space to the air springs as well.

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