2018 Volkswagen Three-Row Crossover SUV spy photos


volkswagen-suvIf VW would just get out of their “Almost a Porsche” pricing mindset they could take a big chunk of market share. But this $19k base model/$35k average MSRP bait and switch is killing them. All the diesel scandal did was reinforce in people’s minds what a slimy company they are. VW ain’t premium. They need to let Audi and Porsche cover that terrain and go back to being the people’s car.

volkswagen-suv-2So fuel efficient diesels are bad, and gas chugging SUVs are good. Truck emissions remain piss poor, and cars are regulated into irrelevancy. Gonna miss regular cars someday.

volkswagen-suv-5Diesel has its place, but not for non-commercial vehicles, no matter how much you protest. But the name should be on the wind. Maser and VW classic names have the breezes in them.

Credit photos http://www.caranddriver.com/


  1. Just the fact that it’s new and it’s an suv, will make it sell. And it’s assembled in Tennessee. From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks nice.

  2. The official name for this SUV is “Atlas.” And Taylor is correct; it will be assembled in VW’s Tennessee plant. I don’t buy the caption writer’s contention that VW is a “slimy” company – inflation and currency exchange rates betw. the US & Germany determine the price of their cars to a large degree.


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