2018 Toyota Corolla spy pictures


Check out what might be Australia’s best-selling passenger car in 2019.


Lets hope people drive them before judging. I used to work for Toyota and drove them almost every day. I also drove Focus’, Lancers, cruzes, astras, Mazda 3s etc.
The 7 speed cvt version in hatch is quite the runabout, theres a reason they are so popular. I could hardly draw a fault between it and the main rivals. Its nothing more than snobbery that keeps people whinging about them. Reliability and simplicity trumps ‘sophistication’ anyday.

Of course, you cant compare a corolla to a golf R or focus ST. But if you are buying a base model 77 tsi golf or focus trend thinking you have some perceived badge prestige. Then you are a peanut, enjoy the three years warranty. Youll need it.

Andrew Knight





  1. They are great cars but Toyota reliability is grossly overated. You can get better value for money elsewhere especially the 4wd models and any modern vechicle in this day and age will be as reliable as Toyota and go the distance if the owner is willing to spend some money ensuring their cars are regularly serviced with quality oils/filters, look after their cars, not flog them to death and have mechanical sympathy. Since many often ignore maintenance they wonder why they have issues.
    Ive seen Fords with over 1 million kms and still faultless and I’ve seen Toyotas needing rebuilds at 150,000km and Ive seen a Honda Accord with over 1 million miles on it and yes a Chevy pickup with 1 million miles on it without ever being rebuilt. Guess there are lemons and gems with every manufacturer. Test drive them and buy the model you like.

  2. Going by Toyota’s latest styling, it will be as ugly as sin. Then again the current model isn’t pretty.

  3. You know the car market is getting boring when car mags are getting excited over pics of camouflaged Corollas!!

  4. Let’s hope its not as hideous as the last one, I won’t buy one but there depressing to look at in traffic, same with the yaris and estima

  5. The hybrid for us comes from Japan . I reckon it’s a mule , current body on the NGA platform .


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