2018 Ford Mustang & Mustang Convertible Spied!



These 2018 Ford Mustang and Mustang Convertible prototypes were spied recently with heavy camouflage. Based on these photos, the basic design of the body is the same, however, the big changes seem to be happening in the front and rear, but it’s difficult to make out any details. The headlights and taillights are nearly completely covered, but there should be a small, yet unique change. The Mustang is using Brembo brakes, but it doesn’t appear to have particularly aggressive tires or aero, meaning this most likely is an everyday Mustang GT. You may also notice the emissions testing equipment attached to the exhaust. This could mean updates to the engine and maybe with a bit more power. It is very likely that the Mustang automatic transmission will be the all new 10 speed, co-developed with General Motors, that is already being used in 2017 Ford F-150’s. The prototype does not appear to be a special edition, but the camouflage over the rear side glass may indicate a future Bullitt edition. Expect to see the new Mustang within the next few months, perhaps at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November of this year.


  1. The auto industry is getting pussified by automatic transmissions. Go back to 4 speeds ,or even better,3on the tree!!!!!

  2. From the body lines i can see it looks like a camaro or a challenger… At least theyre going in the right direction now… (AWAY from the crowd hopefully) lmao

  3. I personally wish they’d get rid of that Aston-Martin grille, and make it look more like its 1960’s forerunner. Why did Ford have to turn the Mustang into a “World Car?” It’s Detroit muscle, plain and simple!!


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