2018 BMW X4: spy shots of next BMW coupe SUV


BMW’ s eagerly anticipated SUV, X4 will go through a lot of changes after the launch of the new generation X3 version. Here are some of the secret shots of the X4.

2018 BMW X4: spy shots of next BMW coupe SUV

Before its much anticipated debut in 2018, some photos of the model has been leaked.
Previously also some photos of the X4 were leaked. But during that time, since the car was on the back of the transporter, we didn’t get to see much. However, this time, we managed to get some photos during its testing on the road. Although it was heavily cloaked, we still managed to get a decent look of the model.

The pictures reveal that the new model is getting a more modern design compared to its predecessor. It looks much more smooth and aggressive. They have toned down the curves and kinks which are present in the current model, giving it a sharper look. They have also changed the existing kidney grilles and replaced them with new ones. These new kidney grilles definitely look better and go well with the headlights. Maximum changes have been made at the back side of the car. For example, they have installed a new tailgate which has the classic BMW logo on it. They have also changed the position of the number plate in the new model. Previously, it used to be located right in the middle of the trunk. But in this latest model, they have placed it much lower near the rear bumper.

2018 BMW X4: spy shots of next BMW coupe SUV

The current model of the BMW X4 is still relatively new. It was launched quite recently in 2014. Hence, it may seem a bit strange that BMW is coming up with a replacement after just three years.

Apart from the X4, BMW is also currently working hard on a new generation of X3 , which will have a much lighter platform. The new model of the X3 is expected to be launched by the end of this year.
The new generation of the X3 will come with a new rear wheel drive platform which will be around 100kg lighter the current model. This will be a massive improvement and will substantially improve the driving experience. Apart from that, it is also expected to be slightly longer so that the passengers get more space. It is expected that all these characteristics of the new generation X3 will be carried over to the X4 as well.
It is also expected that the new model will also feature plug in hybrid technology. There is also a high chance that we will see a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine in the new generation X3 and X4.

2018 BMW X4: spy shots of next BMW coupe SUV

In the last year, BMW managed to sell around 60000 X4 units. Considering that they sell around 2 million outputs every year, the number may seem small, but it is still around 5.5 percent more than what they managed to sell in 2015.

Within 2019, BMW is expected to launch 5 new models.Three of those will be replacements of the X5, X4 and X3. Apart from that, they are also planning to launch a small sized car X2 and another premium model X7, which is expected to compete with the Range Rover.



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  1. From what I can see, it looks pretty much identical to most other BMWs manufactured in the last five years!


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