2017 Toyota Supra spy shots


2017 Toyota Supra spy shots

Turns out the new Supra will only have a automatic gearbox.
So its AWD (petrol engine powers the rear wheels where occasionally the electric motors power the front wheels), twin turbo, partnered with BMW.

well Toyota’s priorities are wack nowadays. first the bastard child of the GT86 with Subaru and now BMW with this supra. If we get Honda to cooperate with the new Celica we would have the trifecta (or better yet if they cooperate with Yamaha like they did in the past and just make magic again).

That or swap the GT86’s boxer engine for a 2JZ which would make it into a sort of new Supra except significantly lighter.

2017 Toyota Supra spy shots
I thought every sports or super car that is taken seriously these days is an ‘automatic’ (paddle shift). Such as every ferrari and lambo, all the way down to our own closer to home ISF.. and the GTR.

Manual boxes these days are for slow entry level sports cars, which are never taken seriously. Why would you want to cripple the supra, a car which has always stood for high tech speed, with a manual shift from the 90s?

2017 Toyota Supra spy shots
I have been following the progress for the new Supra for a fair while now.
Firstly, have my doubts that it will be AWD. If you go back and read interviews with Tetsuya Tada (Toyota Sports car division – 86 boss), they don’t often like putting AWD into their sports cars. Its not how they feel real driving should be.
Even with Toyota’s latest slogan ‘fun to drive again’.

2017 Toyota Supra spy shots

Secondly, this car being a shared platform with the new BMW Z4, chances are high they will have the same drive train (cost saving), making all variants RWD.
The Z4 mule has also been spotted testing with a manual in the past months.
So I firmly believe the Supra will also be available in a manual, even if its only the base model and most certainly RWD.


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