2017 Toyota HiLux SR5 Double Cab Review


One of the most significant releases in the automobile sector is the Toyota HiLux SR5 Double Cab. The updated version of the vehicle is way ahead of it’s predecessor when it comes to factors such as dynamism, equipment levels, refinement, noise control, comfort etc. The car was the highest selling vehicle in Australia the last year. Let us discuss the features of this beast that makes it so popular.


The new generation Toyota Hilux SR5 Double Cabs comes with a variety of modern features which makes it more comfortable and efficient. The car has in built bluetooth phone connectivity with voice recognition which allows the user to access the system with voice commands. Cruise control enables the driver to control the system from the steering wheel of the car by operating it through a stalk that is placed on the steering column.

Red toyota hilux sr5

The reversing camera helps the driver by displaying the rear view of the car and the driver does not need to turn around while reversing his car. The car has got a robust air conditioning system which keeps the car cool and clean. The daytime lamps not only makes the interior of the car more attractive but it also makes it visible during cloudy and overcast days. The addition of the fibreglass ute canopies makes the trays way more durable and strong.

The car comes with seven safety airbags, two of those airbags are directly in the frontside to prevent any damage to the driver and the passenger in the front seat. The airbags that are placed adjacent to the driver and the front passenger protects the upper portion of the body. The cushion airbag that is placed alongside the driver and the front passenger prevents any form of head injury that an accident can cause. The seventh airbag is placed close to the knee of the driver and this airbag helps to protect the driver from leg injuries.

The Electronic Stability Control is a modern feature that is added to the vehicle and this feature is very important as it prevents the car from skidding.

Body Style

The Toyota HiLux SR5 Double Cab comes with a factory tub on the rear side and and a cab on the chassis. The cab chassis of the car allows the user to accommodate a tray of the desired size at the back of the car. Owners can even choose to include trays of special designs for specific activities as well as an extra cab or a cab chassis for carrying extra goods.

Blue Toyota

Though the single cab versions of the Toyota HiLux can sit two, the SR5 Double Cab model which is an extended version has a couple of additional seats which can be accessed by the doors that are hinged to the backside of the car. The Double cabs have a typical door system that opens on all four sits and sits five passengers.

One can choose to go for the two wheel drive version or the dual-range gearing and part time four wheel drive which offers the driver comfort at rough terrain and slow speeds. While the part time four wheel drive is perfect for slippery and soft surfaces but they are not ideal for highways and normal well crafted roads.

The video provides a close view of the car


Ideal Engine

The Toyota HiLux SR5 Double Cab is a diesel powered vehicles and provides a very high mileage for everly litre of fuel. While the Workmate work trucks utilizes a two point four litre four cylinder which is a little less powerful, the rest of the HiLuxes use a robust two point eight litre cylinder which is much more efficient. Though both the engines reported very similar number when put to test but there is no doubt that the two point four litre four cylinder that is a bit more economical when compared to the powerful two point eight litre four cylinder engine.

The most used HiLux engine is the two point eight diesel engine as it is most commonly available and uses only about seven point three to nine litres of diesel for every hundred kilometers. The mileage provided by the car depends on various factors like the body style, driveline, equipment level, gearbox etc.

The engine used in Toyota HiLux is the same two point eight diesel that powers the Toyota Fortuner Wagon and most wagons utilize similar versions of the engine. Though the engine is less powerful than the ones that some other utes utilize, the engine is quite nice and efficient.


Equipped with a luxurious dashboard and touch screen tablets, the Toyota HiLux feels more like a passenger car than a commercial vehicle. The interior of the vehicle is well designed and features like vinyl floors, leather seats, carpets etc lend a luxurious touch to the Toyota Hilux SR5 Double Cab.

Red Toyota Hilux SR5 Double Cab

Just like other Toyota models the buttons and features are clearly visible and can be handled with ease. The steering wheel comes with the tilt and reach adjustment features and it is feature that most ute owners look for. The vehicle is quite quiet when compared to other commercial vehicles and tough the rides can get a bit rough when the vehicle is not loaded, the Toyota HiLux SR5 Double Cab offers smooth rides when the fully loaded and driven at a high speed.

Storage And Goods

The vehicle is appropriate for carrying goods and is also excellent for towing. The Toyota HiLux SR5 Double Cab which is a four wheel drive can easily carry around seven fifty kilograms in the rear tray along with the driver and the front passenger.

The vehicle can be loaded to it’s full potential as it is carries load very efficiently and it even offers a smoother ride when loaded properly. The strength and stability of the chassis of the vehicle contributes to the vehicle’s capability of carrying weight.

Pros : Voice recognition enabled bluetooth phone connectivity. Cruise control, Reversing camera, Electronic Stability Control. Trailer Sway Control Electronic Traction Control Cons : Commercial appearance, Vulnerable wheel and tyre combination, Absence of tie-down hooks in the rear tub.


With contemporary looks and feel the new HiLux is one of the best utes that are available in the market. The performance of this updated model is much more enhanced and must make Toyota very proud. The vehicle offers better mileage, performance and looks when compared to other commercial vehicles or utes. The newly accommodated cabins are much more functional and that has surely contributed in making the Toyota HiLux SR5 Double Cab one of the most popular commercial vehicles.


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