2017 new Toyota Auris 4×4 spy pictures


toyota-auris2Congratulations, Toyota: You’ve fashioned up a nice copy of the Mazda 3 of two generations ago.

toyota-auris3Why the heck is a car with zero performance credibility being put through it’s paces at the ‘Ring? Is it going to have a rock solid ride rather than something supple for bumpy British roads? Cannot wait for Toyota to release the time, the Porsche 918 Spyder better be wary! Please, this obsession with the Nürburgring is getting ridiculous now.

toyota-aurisA 4×4 has low range surely this must be a awd only.


  1. Scoop? Auris 4×4? Nurburgring? Really?
    This is the sort of dross I’d expect from Autocar.
    It begs the question why the hell Toyota are even spending development time out there.


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