2017 Honda Clarity spy photos and video


I think we’re in a transition stage and converted ICE cars are bridging the gap. But ultimately Tesla has the solution, and you can’t take full advantage of the simple and compact platform unless the car is designed specifically for that. The same with on board generators vs conventional hybrid, like the system used on the Nikola One big truck.


Why not, the big automakers seem to think if they make an electic car they gotta change up the design and make something hideous that no one would want to be seen in. Why do you think everyone isn’t driving electic yet, because when they think ‘electric vehicle’ they think Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius, which (no offence to people that own them) the general public think are ugly and would not want to drive. An electic car doesn’t need to look different it just has to operate different. Look at tesla a flying off the shelves, because they are a beautiful car.


  1. A good story, but clearly Honda has “lost the plot”. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are almost as hopeless as their “soft hybrids” of a few years ago. The way to go is an electric car, with or without a small range extender, depending on your needs. The Chevy VOLT, Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3 and BMW i3 are leading the way here.


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