2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe spy hots


The standard-bearer of the Japanese sport-compact set returns! And spy photographers caught Honda’s new Civic Si barely covered.

2017-Honda-Civic-Si-5I’m very excited about this. I love Hondas I own 3 from the 90’s lol. I’m glad Honda is pumping some excitement into their lineup. With all the aftermarket support Honda has it will take no time before they will make 300-400hp with small bolt ons and a tune. I also hope with a simple tire upgrade that will be great handling cars as well and keep the tradition strong. I can’t wait.

2017-Honda-Civic-Si-1 It’s hard to get excited about this one because it’s roughly 5 years too late. I’ve owned three different generations of Si too btw (99, 02, 08). 220-230 crank hp is hopefully underrated and dyno’s will tell that it’s actually higher. Maybe Honda left a lot of room on the table for more power (larger turbo with a more vtec like high rpm punch), or this Si will need to offer something more special than “It’s a Honda” in order to lure away from VW and Ford.


For those who are crying about power, keep in mind that this engine makes 230hp on paper. It will make more power as it will be underrated. Honda states the CTR makes 306hp on paper but it dynos at 290-295whp!!! So it’s really making about 325hp at the crank. The Si will be underrated also and make 260-265hp at the crank.


  1. Why care about the Horsepower rating? The car is meant to be fun and handle well. If you want to play the numbers game, the Type-R will be out soon. That’s almost like calling the Miata “underpowered”.

  2. I would rather go antisocial and get a turbocharged Cobalt SS which made 260 horsepower or 300 with the factory approved ECU reflash.

  3. 220-230hp, just make it near the 300hp mark like the Type R.
    Stop goofing around and give the people what they ask for so they can keep buying Honda products and not go elsewhere.

  4. 300HP would be awesome! But then there would be no reason a type R. Plus it would cost more than most people can’t afford. The Type R will start around $40k. I’m all about the Si having more power, but it’s just not gonna happen. Ford Focus RS is $45k. That’s the type R’s main competitor.

  5. Lets be realistic here people. The Si has always been a step up from the regular Civic’s not a balls out high performer. The Type-R is the top tier performance car of the Civic line so a 300hp Si makes no sense.
    The Si competes with the GTI, Focus ST…
    The Type R has never been about volume. The regular Civics pay for the high performance versions so Honda is already maximizing profit on these cars as the Civic is THE best selling compact currently yet all the variants are even available yet. The profit margins are already there.

  6. Honda’s not going to get many hits if they try selling it on looks alone. If it’s stuck with those looks it better be able to do battle with GTI’s, WRX’s, Focus ST.


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