2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S vs. 2016 Jaguar F-Type R



Well said, 100k and its shittier than the interior of an M4 or CLS AMG. The exhaust is meh, the looks are overrated, the amount of plastic for a 100k car is just not worth it. Even a ecoboost Mustang has more leather than this shit they call Jag, in fact every Jag is just stupidly cheap interior wise while their lowest price for a car can’t go below 50k. Too much plastic everywhere!

2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S

Put it this way, the jag has 4 wheel drive and is 3 or 5 seconds a lap slower round will springs than the merc, the merc has better brakes, better steering, handles better, better intirior and build quality it’s much faster (look at motor trends tests the jag gets to 60 in 3.3s and ran 11.6 at 121.5mph the GTS did 60 in 3.5 and ran 11.6 at 124.2mph. Which just shows its quite a bit faster) to me the noise isn’t nice in the jag, it’s tinny, and metallic sounding always pops the amg is just muscular and has pops but not constantly like the jag. Looks are subjective so doesn’t really count. Overall GTS should win.

aguar F-Type R

AMG, all day, all night. Love the Jag, but would only get it if I couldn’t afford the Mercedes. The Benz looks absolutely stunning on the road and has incredible presence, the Jag looks almost normal (though still gorgeous). The Jag interior is embarrassing in this price range. The Benz interior is spectacular and looks above its price point. Performance-wise, Benz.

The Mercedes has a timeless design that will age into a classic gracefully.


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