2015 Volkswagen Golf R Heads for the USA with an Automatic Option


2015 Volkswagen Golf R Heads for the USA with an Automatic Option
It was backin 2012 when the Volkswagen Golf R with all wheel drive appeared in the US, but it only stayed for one year. This was due to the fact that it was introduced so late in to the product cycle, needless to say with its performance not that much better than the GTI and with a $35,000 price tag it did not make its mark. However, the spec for the new US model looks like its early 2015 appearance will certainly be noteworthy and so it could prove to be more popular.
The car is already available for sale on the European market and the US version will be a bit different. The engine will have 6 horsepower less at 290 albeit the same 2.0 litre four that is on the European model but the torque is identical at 280 lb/ft. Compared to the 210 horsepower that the GTI version will be capable this is quite a significant jump which could make it worth the extra cost, but that is yet to be revealed, so it is not easy to know.
The MkV R32 model was exclusively available with VW’s DSG six speed dual clutch automatic and the MkVI Golf R with a six speed manual but the MkVII R will have a six speed manual as well as a six-cog DSG as an optional extra. It has been estimated that it will be capable of doing 0-62 in 4.9 seconds with the DSG and 5.3 seconds otherwise. The chassis is lighter which means that it is likely to be more efficient with an estimated 31mph on the highway which is 4mpg better than the previous model.
There will only be five door models available, so if you want three, you will be disappointed. Inside they will be different to the European cars which have cloth and suede seats, these will have Nappa leather as standard and will feature faux carbon fibre and stainless steel looking trim on doorsills and pedals. There will be a 5.8 inch touch screen which will have a sensor that makes icons appear when the hand gets near to it like the one on the Cadillac CUE. The production numbers have not yet been revealed. The last R was limited to 5000 in the US and it is expected that this may be the same as 300hp hatchbacks are not selling that well at the moment.
The car will debut in America next week at the Detroit Auto Show where all of the missing details will be revealed.


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