2015 Mercedes-Benz C-class Photos Revealed Now


2015 Mercedes-Benz C-class Photos Revealed Now

This car was heavily camouflaged when it was first seen in spy photos. It was seen undergoing some basic testing in Northern Europe. The C did get a slight revision in 2012, but it hasn’t had a full change since 2008.
The new C-class will probably stick to the same cluttered design principles that have marked Mercedes in recent years. There will be new trim levels, and there will be an extended Sport packaged created and built in collaboration with AMG too.

This is significant for many reasons. First of all, purists screamed 30 years back when Mercedes came out with current 190 design. It was a lot sportier and more compact, and it was very much against the BMW 3-series in particular. However, Mercedes-Benz had very much considered that to be below its basic standards. The end result was that the C-class became extremely important, right next to the E-class in terms of importance. You can see the C, pun intended, in a lot of markets as a sedan model, as well as other versions of it like a wagon and coupe. This creates some confusion for people who think the E-class coupe and convertible are one and the same.

What will the platform be like? It is called W205 right now on the internal circles, and it will be the initial vehicle to work with Mercedes-Benz on the MRA platform. This is actually Mercedes rear-wheel drive. It will have this in common with every single RWD-based Mercedes-Benz out there, and this includes all the SUV models.

What will the powertrain be like? There is a whole new kind of gasoline engine coming out in the new C. The four-cylinder engines go by the name of M274, and they are crafted from the M270 that was seen in the former B-class. There will be some offerings coming out at the entry level too. There will be a 1.6-liter around 150 hp, and there will be a 2.0-liter at around 205 hp. There will be a hybrid model based on the second version mentioned. There is a turbocharged version coming out. There is also the most powerful turbocharged coming out which will be a 3.0-liter V-6 going up to 250 hp.

The rear-wheel drive function will come as a standard part of it, and four-wheel drive will be a choice for a lot of the different versions, and this will include the AMG version. There will be a six-speed manual transmission too, but this will only be on the lesser models. The transmission will be highly based on the one that ZF transacts to BMW, even though everyone may prefer to be tight-lipped about it. The automatics will continue to be made by the company.

The car will face some competition from BMW, Audi, Infiniti, and Volvo.

It should be out in the spring of 2014, and there will be wagon and coupe models coming out in 2015. Mercedes is always changing things up a little. Expect multiple versions of this car.



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