2015 Date for the Mercedes GLK Mk2 to Come to the UK


The Mercedes GLK has been denied to the British for too long but at last the second generation of the Daimler SUV will be available in the UK after being made with right hand drive.
There are some recent spy photos of it in Germany testing in left hand drive form.
There have been rumours that it will be appearing at the Detroit motor show but it is now felt that these were incorrect and that it is more likely to be seen in the summer of 2015.
A few months later the car will appear in UK showrooms where it will be sold with the rest of the Mercedes range. It is expected that it will be there before the end of next year.
Mercedes did not make a right hand drive model of the first generation which was because cross overs were not in trend in Europe when the idea for it first came up twelve years ago.
The car will have a softer look than the Mk1 and it will also have a lot of hardware from the C-class range. This means that it could have rear wheel drive on those with less power, although most cross overs have four wheel drive that sit in this part of the market. It is expected that there will be a range of engines in four and six cylinders with petrol and diesel engines. It is expected that the BlueTec diesels will be the most popular choice in Europe and there will be a hybrid version to come later as well.


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