2015 BMW i8 Prototype


What you are seeing in the pictures is a reworked version of the 2015 BMW i8 that was first spied in 2009. However, this newer version seems like it is almost complete although there are some minor changes that will need to be made before it will be ready for customers. For example, the long glass doors are something that is going to have to be modified.
From the pictures we can see that the wild doors are gone and have been upgraded so if a collision is to take place the car will be able to withstand a little bit more. However, it is known that the exotic hinges are going to be sticking around with this prototype. So, there will be no disappointment coming towards BMW fans because of that feature.
The roofline is something else that this car has to flaunt. When you look at it you will see that it gets flat towards the end and it hovers approximately seven inches over the tail lamps. Everyone is excited to see what this new BMW will look like when it is finally finished.


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