2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI (MkVII) Spy Shots


You can expect to see the MkVII Volkswagen Golf which is a next generation car to be debuted in just a few weeks at the 2012 Auto Show that will be held in Paris, before actually hitting the market as 2014 model. However it won’t be that soon, it will nowhere be before the launch of potent GTI model. As the spy photoshots that are available in  the market for the 2014 GTI , you can make out some changes in the headlights of car. Although the car has been viewed for more than an year now, however the only thing that is quite evident is the fact that the both GTI and Golf are based on the latest Volkswagen MQB platform.
The best part here is that there will be no change in terms of the basic formula of the car, which shall be maintained same as that of cars of today. This clearly means that there is every possibility that the car will be equipped with a powerful turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine which will be coupled with either a six speed manual or dual clutch DSG, with front wheel drive option only.

Initially it was thought that there would not be much in the output as there would be only a raise from 200 hp to 207. However, as per the new sources, the new model of GTI will be producing around 222hp, thereby giving a competition to its rivals such as Mazda Mazdaspeed3 and Ford Focus ST
The main question that arises here will be as to how that much power will be generated with just the front wheels. The answer is Volkswagens VAQ electronically controlled front differential lock. This technology is based on more agile steering behavior. The best part is that the car with this VAQ system was able to cut the Nürburgring lap time by approximately eight seconds when compared to the other models having the same power.
This new system that is being used in the car is based on a multi-plate coupler which is positioned between the right drive shaft and the differential cage. An electrically powered hydraulic pump is made use for producing as well as regulating the pressure that is required for actuating the VAQ. In case of dynamic driving, a driving torque is applied by the VAQ to the wheel on the inside of the curve as well as the outer wheel making use of vertical wheel forces. As a result of this, the vehicle continues to be absolutely neutral in terms of its performance.
In comparison to the present model, the GTI has an electronic power steering system and also a light construction. Aluminum is used for making both the roof and the floor of the car. To add on to it, the even more powerful Golf R model which is also sue will be becoming lighter as carbon fiber is used in its construction even including on its roof.
When we talk about the styling features of the car, the GTI will still exhibit its signature honeycomb grille along with chunky alloy wheels. Besides this, the size of the roof spoiler has been increased when compared to the present day’s car. There wouldn’t be much of the change that would be brought about in the interiors of the car except for slight trim that would be done on the seats.
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