2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI 4-Door Spy Photos


2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI 4-Door Spy Photos
What it really is- it is the Volkswagen’s GTI. It is the ultimate cool sports car, which every Volkswagen car lover wants to own. The sporty version of the Golf, here it is shown with five doors. There is a version with three doors as well and if rumors are to be believed then a cabriolet a few years into the future. This sports car will be different from the other Golfs with exhaust pipes to the left and right, a creative and unique interior design and completely redesigned fascias.
Platform- Volkswagen’s new MQB architecture is what the next generation GTI runs on. This platform was launched with the third generation Audi A3. The PQ35 platform, which was used before the MQB, was 150 pounds heavier than the latter. This new architecture offers endless variation possibilities and will be responsible for Volkswagen achieving many economies of scale.
Should it matter- the roomy Passat and the retro style Beetle represent the laidback and friendly face of VW, the GTI represents it’s more competitive and darker side. This sporty variation of the Golf is also integral for Volkswagen’s enthusiast credibility. This car defines the sports car segment and it also proves to be a benchmark for other hot hatches. All these reasons are enough and more for this amazing car to make it to your “Ten Best” list for the last 6 years.
Power- the GTI is powered by the same engine, which powers the Audi, developed AE888. This same engine powers the sixth generation GTI. This engine will be fine tuned to fit into the new GTI to make nearly 220 to 230 hp and it will work in collaboration with the driver’s choice of six speed manual or dual clutch automatic transmission. It has been predicted that Europe will also see a GTI derived GTD. This new launch will retain the appearance of the GTI but will be powered with a turbo diesel engine, which packs 180 hp. The Golf R will also see a new generation, which will pack around 300 hp from a version of the GTI’s two-liter engine.
Can anything go wrong- frankly; it does not look like anything can. The American market GTI was very different from the European version but it was still a huge success. In the fourth generation, the GTI lost market because it became too similar to the Golf. VW has learnt it’s lesson and the new GTI is all set to impress.
Competition- Honda Civic Si, Ford Focus ST, Mazda Speed3
Estimated arrival and price- $24,765 is the price of the current GTI. The new version is likely to be launched in 2014 and will carry a similar price tag.



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