2014 Subaru Forester Seen In Spy Photographs


2014 Subaru Forester Seen In Spy Photographs

The 2014 Subaru Forester was revealed in a prototype that was covered in total camo. It was seen getting tested out in public in the United States, and it is the fourth model that is coming up. It was spotted alongside a Honda and Ford Edge, and that kind of shoes what Subaru wants to get out of the new Forester.
Subaru has been a traditional car for people that like wagons and crossover vehicles that are also very well-off. There are a lot of models that are coming out from almost every brand, however, and Subaru is changing and adapting its best car without hurting any of its main features.

The Forester will probably still use a modified version of the Impreza build with a modest increase in girth and span. The prior Forester was one of the initial cars that decided to really use framed windows al the way through, and that feature will stick with it until the 2014 model is released. There has been a tiny corner window added in the place where the mirrors used to sit. The mirrors have been re-positioned alongside the doors. There is a long column of spines atop the hood that might be part of the get-up.

There was just one shot of the inside, and the center area and IP seem to have been reconfigured to more closely resemble what the current Impreza looks like, and this includes the common and efficient HVAC system that have three-knobs on them. There is a brand new LCD screen in the entertainment center that rests above that marker, at least in the model that was shown here, and it looks like the inside of the Subaru car does not keep that middle of the 1980s look.

The Subaru Forester just came out, and it will have a good 2.5-liter FB-series flat-four, and there will be a direct injection that is put into it to. There might even be a turbocharged model that comes out, but it will probably be a lot tinier. They might take the engine from the Impreza and put it in the Forester. There will still be a manual that comes out, but they will also offer a four-speed automatic version too.

There is some competition from car brands like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Kia, Volkswagen, and Subaru in the form of the CR-V, RAV4, Edge, Escape, Sportage, Tiguan, Outback, and Crosstrek.

It should be coming out in 2014 and have a price tag of around $21,370. It should be about that for the price. It might be a little more a little less.


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