2014 Scion FR-S Convertible Version


2014 Scion FR-S Convertible Version
A convertible version of the 2014 Scion FR-S/ Toyota GT – 86 has been given a green light. The version is expected to be launched in the year 2014. The convertible model will be built on the similar platform as the Subaru /Toyota Car. According to the sources, product planners are working on other probable models which may share the similar platform. The rear-wheel-drive platform can be utilized as the basis for a comparatively larger or a smaller 4-door sedan car.  The rear-wheel-drive FR-S will be made available in soft top convertible form.
Different from the fast and furious FR-S roadster which an after marketplace tuner currently showed in California, the assembly FR-S convertible must retain its seats. The Toyota GT 86 and FR-S that was sold at many places and the nearly similar Subaru BRZ is a logically priced, rear-wheel-drive and comparatively light sports car. Otherwise stated, the automobile enthusiasts have been asking auto manufacturers to really build. An adaptable version will add on volume that means more profits for happy accountants and Toyota. In fact, happy accountants are more expected to approve projects for cool cars in near future.

The convertible will be built up on the similar platform as the Subaru/Toyota car. This planning also stands a better chance of being utilized for other Toyota car models. It is adaptable enough to be distended and can be the basis for a comparatively larger 2-door as well as smaller 4-door car. According to the sources, product planners are tricky at work on the probabilities and thus, we are unsure of whether any of the spinoffs have been actually approved for production purposes.

We are unaware of if Subaru has any plans regarding this platform beyond the BRZ. Moreover, it appears less likely.  In fact, Subaru has an array of sporty 4-and 5-door automobiles with a brand new STI and WRX expected soon.  The similar 1 liter, 200hp boxer-4 from the BRZ and FR-S coupes will be utilized for the convertible. Both the automatic as well as manual transmissions will be provided. We have even heard that no Scion FR-S will have a turbocharger. A comparatively bigger car or other ultimate models based upon the FR-S’s architecture probably will get better engines to offer the refinement and power clients in those target market expect. The direct challenger will be the MX – 5 Miata to which the BRZ and FR-S cars are compared.

Moreover, many searchers actually care about the style rather than mechanics or driving dynamics. Some even prefer a back seat which the Miata does not offer. For them, there are 2 soft tops which hit below the mark of $30 – the Volkswagen Beetle and the Ford Mustang. The advanced rear-wheel drive Toyota car will aim the Hyundai Genesis Car, the Chevy Camaro, and the Mustang and can even the BMW1-Series. The biggest competitor for a Toyota-badged Sedan is Subaru WRX and Jetta GLI.

It is even possible Lexus may get a version that can sit beneath the IS and face the forthcoming Audi A3 Sedan, underwhelming Acura ILX and Mercedes-Benz CLA – Class.  Subaru and Toyota has to meet demand for the rear-wheel-drive cars, campaigns and launch and find the production facilities to a full speed first. Toyota is cautious regarding pricing their FR-S, providing no factory choices other than a usual transmission.  In fact, the firm is worried that a price tag of $30,000 on a Scion will be a non-beginner with dealers.  Even we believe that drop top FR-S may come in below the psychological hurdle.


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