2014 Porsche Cajun mule spied testing on the Nurburgring


With the new Porsche 911 ready the Porsche test drivers have time to start on the work with their new baby SUV, the Q5 based Porsche Cajun. This Cajun mule was spotted while testing on the Nurburgring and so far it doesn’t show anything about the design of the real Cajun, all we see is that the track will be wider due to the black fender flares. But the fact that it was driving into the Porsche test facility is proof enough for us to believe that this really is the Cajun mule.

The Cajun will share its platform with the Q5 but Porsche will fine tune the chassis and also give the Cajun better brakes and other wheels. Power will come from engines delivered by Audi, both petrol and diesel, but also here Porsche will fine tune them and in that way offer the Cajun with higher power figures then the Q5.

The Cajun will also probably be offered with the Hybrid-drivetrain known from the Q5, meaning a 2.0 TFSI delivering 210 horsepower combined with a 44 HP electric motor. That will help Porsche to come closer to the average CO2 goal of 130 g/km that all car manufacturers need to reach from 2015. The Porsche Cajun will be launched with four doors initially, but later on there might be a sportier looking two door version as well.

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