2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Starts Testing


2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Starts Testing
Porsche has completed the first prototypes of the 918 Spyder before the hybrid supercar’s planned production startup in the month of September 2013. Clients will start getting the cars by the end of the coming year. The estimated price is around $850,000 with production capacity limited to around 918 cars. As per the sources, Porsche is arching over goal with the 918 Spyder that entered as an open top 2-seat concept at the Geneva Auto Show 2010. It redefined driving fun, performance and efficiency.
Nevertheless, many factors come together in the concept of 918 Spyder. It sports superior technologies as an adaptive, aerodynamics rear-axle steering, and a carbon fiber reinforced mono coque. The concept is powered by a blend of 2 electric and a middle mounted V-8 motors up front. The blend power output may approach around 800 horsepower. It can break the speed of 200 mph barrier. Thus, maybe it may come as no shock to see the 918 Spyder model lately found testing on a race track in German with racing-inspired disguise.

The complementary white stripes and matte black paintjob looks splendid and from the spy photographs the production version of the concept 918 Spyder looks quite similar to the car first seen at the Geneva Auto Show in 2010. The specifications of the new 918 Spyder are quite amazing even before you learn the construction model can return upwards of 70mpg. Also, it will have only an electric driving mode. Yes, right, the 918 model can function for around 20 miles through twin electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Thus, if you are operating a quick errand then the model is as environmental friendly as a Nissan Leaf EV or Chevrolet Volt or Pruis. Just ensure that your speed does not go beyond 93 mph. Or else, the 4.6 liter V-8 will bounce to action. The engine will deliver around 570 bhp. Functioning in combination with the electric motors, the 918 Spyder model can differ power to the rear and front axles as required, whilst offering neck snarling 0 to 60 runs of less than around 3 seconds.

According to experts, there is a superior technology packed in this two-passenger changeable, you will forget that the model had it all in 1 seductive shape. Carbon fiber is being utilized largely in the body and the chassis to boost up performance as well as economy whilst maintaining overall curb weight into a complete minimum. The similar build up technique was utilized in the Porsche’s last mid engine and Carrera GT which ended production in the year 2006. Both the cars share more than just a passing similarity regardless of the seven years which will part them.


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