2014 Porsche 911 Targa – Spy Shots


2014 Porsche 911 Targa - Spy Shots
The new 2014 car called Porsche with the model name as 911 Tagra is being careful about what they are going to add to the car body. They are taking a roll bar which silver in color. The car was seen in Germany as there were testing going on for the car which is to come up in the market for sale. The car is giving the features packed in reviews that clearly shows the car as the outgoing type and is known for its affinity for the sun shine. The 911 Tagra has got a stylish roof panel made of glass and is retractable for you to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine if you want. The center section is located within the space of windshield and the modern roll bar.This type of arrangement is new after a couple of decades, and you might find such arrangement in the 964 generation of cars that was built during the range of 1989 – 1994. The classic and popular Tagra top was last seen in those models. The first 911 model came in 1960’s and that model was a darling for the American market of cars.
Retro Features and designs in Modern Technology
The August 2011 showed the hoop of Tagra which was available in the traditional themed finish of brushed aluminum body. The colors are varied and optional, and depend on the painting of the body and trim level. The vintage models with Fuch-style of the alloy wheels were good and are introduced in the modern model. The color mostly is the light green of the Avocado or the orange of ripe pumpkin for the paint of the car and with the addition of the color, you will get a modern 911 model. The retro style of the car of the days gone is mixed with the modern features, though the features of twitchy and noisy swing axle of the rear is abolished.
The 911 coupe is a standard car and the Tagra will give you the stability with 350 bhp with 3.4 liter engine or the other 400bhp, 3.5 liter 6 engines. The paddle swift dual clutch with 7 speed is good with PDK transmission of speed. The debut will be done in the next year at the venue in the great Geneva Auto show which will give a boost to the sales that will follow after a few months of the debut.


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