2014 Jeep Compass / Patriot Replacement Spy Photos


So, you think the legion of Alfa Romeo Giulietta is become a bit old and boring? We feel the same way as well. On a daily basic we receive emails with photos of the same ole car just resized, chopped and cut in a ton of different ways. It can get a bit boring, you know? However, there is a reason why the hatchback keeps being redesigned. The reason is because its next-gen bones will be the basis for Chrysler’s crucial small-car overhaul. The compact Cavalry will come included with a Caliber-replacing sedan for Dodge and even the Jeep seen in the pictures, which in return will put the not so popular Patriot and Compass back out of the league.

It will featured jacked-up ride height signaling Jeep like intentions and the mule’s Giulietta body will be simply and exterior shell that covers a newly bigger Fiat platform that will be referred to as “Compact Wide.” However, our sources have informed us that it is based on the Giulietta’s current C-Evo structure and that C-Wide will add two inches of width to it. Also, we feel as though this new addition will more than likely be the front-drive version of the compact Jeep because, as you can see in the photos, there is no proof of any drive components for the rear wheels. However, the all-wheel drive is in the process of being instilled in the Compass/Patriot replacement yet Mike Manley, the Jeep chief, has states that the brands future models will be available in two different makes, efficient on-road and focused off-road.

We expect these new models to be released in the year of 2013 as a 2014 car. Currently, this Jeep is being manufactured beside an Alfa version in the Mirafiori plant based in Turin, Italy. However, these plans could easy be changed due to the unpredictable exchange rates and assembly costs. Also, it is way too early for anyone to know what will power the CUV but we are told to expect a small four- cylinder featuring Fiat’s MultiAir tech and there is even the chance of a turbocharger. We all know that the Fiat 500’s 1.4 liter can accelerate to speeds as high as 170 p in turbo guise. Then of course there is another possibility – Alfa’s new 1.8 liter turbo. When it comes to the automatic transmission we are thinking that it will be along the lines of a ZF-designed nine-speed unit. But, overall, we feel that whatever the final result may play out to be there is no way that it will be any worse than the Compass or Patriot.




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