2014 Fisker Nina Spy Photographs Captured For The First Time


The Fisker extended-range sedan that is all-electric has the secret project name of Nina. It was only slightly covered with a sheet. The Nina will be a tiny car, bordering on mid-size, as far as its dimensions go, and it will have a price tag that comes in at less than the Fisker Karma.
Fisker has seen a lot of problems in trying to get their Karma off the ground including holdups in production, less-than-anticipated fuel economy, and problems with getting the money from the federal government. A brand new and cheaper model is necessary for the brand to help regain some traction. The Karma will necessarily have to reach some kind of achievement in order for the Fisker to be kept around long enough to extend its lineup.

There are not true details on the Nina yet, but it would not be a surprise if it’s just an enhanced version of existing aluminum set-up in the Karma. It’s not quite as much of a mystery, because of these spy photographs, what the exterior of the car will be like. The better-proportioned Nina will inherit the general look of the Karma. It will be chiseled, muscular, and big. There will be a grille on the front as opposed to the vertical slats that the car had before. There is that same old moustache grill, but it will be a lot less there too. The car rear will be similar to the Karma, but it will have less space and width. The photographs don’t capture the entire frame of the car, but it is great what can already be seen here.

There is a bit of a range extension for the electric-only system. It is a 2.0-liter engine. The hybrid will have a battery and electric motor. The electric gear will be tinier than the Karma, and there were a lot of problems with packaging the car, because you were putting to entire powertrains into just one car. There is a wheelbase that goes out longer than the Panamera, the back seat has even less space than the Honda Fit too. The Nina will definitely not have as much of a weight as the Karma.

Expect to see some competition with this car from BMW, Chevrolet, Infiniti, and Tesla.

The car will be reputedly cost a lot less than the Karma at $103,000. There is not certainty yet on what the price disparity will be. There is no indication of when we can see it in showrooms either. There was a cut-off of Fisker’s $529 million DOE loan, and the project has been put on hold. The factory that they are building the car at is also not completed. When it finally comes out in New York, be prepared for some great looks.


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