2014 Equus Prices & Other News by Hyundai


It has been thirty years since Hyundai cars started selling in America and not they even build their three most popular models in the US. They currently are charging in the 20s for their Sonada Sedan which sells very well and 38 for their Santa fe SUV. However, the Equus will be in excess of thst. It will have some exciting upscaling which could make it worth the price.
It is a luxury Sedan which does well to overshadow the other cars in its marker, can cost up to $70,000 for a model with all the extras. It competes with the Mercedes s class and Lexus LS460 and therefore needs to have some great features.
Both the 2014 ultimate and Signature models will increase in price by $1750 which will take them up to $68,920 and $61,920 respectively. This time there are no expensive packages or bundles that you have to purchase in the way that they often get extra money from buyers, just the Sedan with its brown paint and 7 series rims. Inside the instrument panel and dashboard has be redesigned and on the outside the bumper and front grille have change as well as the rear lights. There is also blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise on this new version.
The rear seats can recline are no longer available as it made the front passengers far t oo uncomfortable. Instead there are 9.2 inch screen for two back passengers as well as lumbar adjustment in the Ultimate version. There is no longer a fridge in the rear console though. There is no longer a massage function on the drivers seat in the Signature model either. It seems they have been keen to get rid of the least popular feature to encourage more buyers.
The genesis will also have some changes made to it. It will be available in an all wheel drive version for one thing. It is due to debut in January at the Detroit Motor show and will therefore be a 2015 model. It is expected that it may add a torque vectoring system as it will detract people from buying the Acura RLX instead. There will be no hybrid versions of the Genesis or Equus as the company have already confirmed that it would not provide hybrid versions of it premium brands in the near future, This is not surprising as the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and the Mercedes-Benz S400 has received very little interest and so they will not want to waste money providing something similar that may be just as unpopular.


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