2014 Chevrolet Corvette – Spy Shots


2014 Chevrolet Corvette - Spy Shots

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette has finally been spotted. From just a quick glimpse it is easy to mistake this model for a reworked version of the C6 Corvette. However, after getting a good look at the model it is easy to see that some major changes have been made.
To begin with this model features a 7 speed manual transmission – this is the first time it will ever be offered. Not only will it all the lower gear ratios to be shorten so the car can accelerate faster but is will also improve the highway fuel economy. Currently, Corvette’s are known for 26 mpg on the highway but we expect this C7 will maintain about 30 mpg or more.
Fact versus Fiction
You can expect this car to contain a more advanced V-8 engine which will also include direct injection and minor reduced displacement. However, it will still maintain a sport car performance level while at the same time boosting fuel efficiency. Currently, we do not see in Corvette hybrids in the making. But, there is a chance that the 2014 model may contain some pleasant surprises.
The coupe that we were able to catch a glimpse of has centrally mounted quad exhausts which we were able to see peeking out from under the car’s rear fascia. In most convertible test cars these pipes will be open. However, in this model we notice some caps on the outer pipes. We are unsure if they are trying to trick us at the moment or if this is some new feature they are experimenting with.
There is already gossip going around about this model claiming things ranging from a small turbocharged V-8 to an optional split rear window – similar to the 1963 Sting Ray’s. However, as of yet, we cannot verify those accusations but we do know that the Corvette’s cabin will be improved. Also, the wheel base may make it so it is more spacious.


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