2014 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible is Now Available in the Market


Chevrolet has launched its 2014 C7 Corvette convertible model in the market. The white Porsche 911 from Chevrolet has already become one of the popular modelled cars among so many people. Our spy photographers might have boldly taken the pictures of these two Corvette models, in which one is a convertible type and the other is a car, while they were driving on the same way in their German rival. There are high chances for using the 911 model cars for the official business as well as for comparison purposes. The white Porsche 911 coupe is considered to be one of the best cars in the business, similar to a sports car. Coupe with Alterations Below the Fabric Top and Beneath the Hood
A variety of Corvette coupe models are currently available in the market, whereas this pair of test cars has got the best shape in the front end, unlike the other C7 prototype cars. The presence of ‘wind meets fabric camouflage” interference in these two new prototype cars can possibly help in the easy identification of front air intake. The intervention in the car appears to be like that the opening is divided in horizontal directions and somewhat bends towards upper portion at both the ends of the car. The headlights of the next Corvette model are being targeted in every test mule.
This prototype convertible car gives a feel that the Chevy sticks to a fabric top, when compared to a folding hardtop. The coupe will definitely have the rear screen fitted with a glass. We need not pay for the fragile plastic in Corvette. The entire tope of the screen is likely to be lowered or raised by pushing a button. In addition, the car is equipped with the quad-pipe exhaust system. It is of no use to discuss with the Chevrolet employees, if the extreme exhaust can be replaced by modest on production prototypes.
We have recommended that the present 6.2-liter V-8 in the C6 Corvette coupe might be downsized in the fuel efficient and lighter C7 model coupe. The car is provided with a 7-speed manual gear box together with 8- or 7-speed dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission. The weight of the existing Corvette convertible is approximately 3,300 lbs. it is surprising that the new Chevrolet model could not be trimmed to at least 100-200 lbs. Fitting a small engine in the car might possibly enhance the performance and bump highway mileage to a 30-mpg highway average.
The next year’s Detroit Auto Show will disclose all details and will be held on January 13. We can see a convertible coupe together with its hardtop sibling.


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