2014 BMW X5


The 2014 BMW X5 is nearing its production launch date. The picture that you are viewing has been made viewable by our spy photographers in Munich. From the pictures we can see that it looks like it is almost complete even though they are desperately trying to hide features by having it covered in camouflage.
A New Take
This X5 is about the same size as the predecessor. However, the lower edges of the windows drop down to the front of the car and there is a kink that connects the base of the A pillar. We also see that it has a wedge look and it looks sort of like an oversized X1. When admiring the roofline we can see that it resembles a coupe.
When taking a closer look at the front we can see a twin kidney grille and headlights that have been updated. The rear has illuminated guide strips and larger exhaust tips.
Gas, Diesel, Hybrid???
Since this is a car made by BMW we can be sure that the X5 will be one of the efficient vehicles in its class. You can expect to have a 3.0 liter straight six turbo diesel engine, a 3.0 liter turbo charged straight six and a 4.4. Liter twin turbocharged V-8, and even a hybrid is possible. However, currently, the diesel electric powertrains are only available in Europe.
You can expect all of the X5 models to be all wheel drive. People who love electronics will love this model however the people who use cars strictly for driving may not be too thrilled.  We are expected this car to be sold sometime in 2013.


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