2014 BMW M3 engine finally revealed


Our team managed to get its hands on the spy photographs of the car. And, this time we get you more scoop on what is on the inside than the exteriors. Given that this car is one of the next gen BMW M3, it is very exciting to know more about it. The engine is really great, something for the enthusiastic drivers to look out for. The facts revealed by these shots suggest that the upcoming 2014 model of M3 is going to be exceptional. It includes a six engine instead of a V8, which is available in the current car. Moreover, the good news is that there will be likely return of the engine configuration, which we most look forward to in a BMW performance. There is also going to be a future development of the six pot that is being loved by most buyers in the current offerings.
Going by the photos, it has been confirmed that the engine offers not one turbocharger but two. Given that there are two pipes, this news is likely to be true. Moreover, there could be a third turbo lying somewhere out of sight.
The figures of the engine are slightly mysterious. It has been suggested that the next in line M3 might have something more to offer, more like a 3.3. Liters and BMW reports to claim a 500cc cylinders, offering a total of 3.0 liters. The best guess is that the power output will beat around or go beyond the 450 hp mark.
One thing you need to note is that the strut tower might show braces of it are evident under the hood. Such worries must be foregone because the 3 series is hot and going to sizzle is definitely more than rock solid.
Once you have run through our gallery of images, make sure you catch up on the footage of M3 2014 that we have posted below. This is the Germany testing footage, it has engine pics, the sounds, to know more what is in store and which is better of them all, scroll down.


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