2013 Toyota Yaris HSD


Our spies have been able to catch the 2013 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Synergy Drive in action with the non-hybrid 2012 Yaris.  In Japan they refer to this model as the Vitz. It hit their markets at the end of last year and they also release the hybrid concept in Geneva earlier.
We notice that the Yaris HSD concept shows off some of the features however it seems that the LED daytime running lights, roof spoiler, 18 inch alloy wheels, bumper in the rear, and the solar panel roof are missing.
Obviously, from the cars name we can tell that it is going to be equipped with Hybrid Synergy Drive. We suspect it will be the same system that can be found in the Prius and the Auris HSD. This means we can predict that it will have 98 hp.
We expect the Yaris HSD to touch down later this year.


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