2013 Toyota GT 86 with 2013 Scion FR-S Aero Kit Caught While Testing


2013 Toyota GT 86 with 2013 Scion FR-S Aero Kit Caught While Testing
Toyota has shown its performance ability with its sports version Supra. However, today the company is again getting into the supercar line with Toyota GT 86 prototype, which also comes with an aerodynamic appendage. This 2+2 sport coupe is sold as the Scion FR-S. This sport coupe comes with handsome interior as well as quick driving dynamics. Experts were really impressed with the weight management, low center of gravity as well as overall performance of this model. FR-S was able to show its amazing performance in its first drive itself. The center of gravity is considered to be even lower than the razor-sharp Porsche Cayman. However, most of the credits go to the 200-bhp flat-4 cylinder engine. The engine is designed as well as engineered by the Fuji Heavy Industries, which is worldwide known as Subaru. Subaru BRZ, which is considered as the mechanical as well as visual twin of the FR-S is also sold here.

Boy Racer or Road Warrior?

The prototype version from Toyota was spotted at the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany. This is considered to be a Scion variant, which is unique in the US market. One of the attention gaining features of this model is its towering rear wing. Apart from this, the model also includes revised front as well as rear bumpers and new side sills. The engineers of Toyota have also provided an extra tall spoiler in the rear. Apart from these, there are also many other impressive features as well as specifications that one will be able to see in the model.

Whatever the case is, with the extreme aero bits hint, the FR-S will be able to show its wilder side. In the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, Subaru hinted a higher performance model, which was the BRZ STI Concept. According to the experts from Subaru, the company is not planning to make all-wheel-drive optional or turbochrage the model.

After a prolonged development process, the Scion variant seems to play things dreadfully when it comes to options. If you spec an FR-S online, you will be able to discover a priciest extra, which is $845 premium audio system. If the model comes with a sportier suspension package and aero kit, the company will be able to find plenty of takers. However, it has to be priced at a couple grand, which again depends on the extent of the mechanical upgrades.

As BRZ is priced as well as marketed slightly above FR-S, Subaru might be quite lucky to offer the turbocharged engine as well as all-wheel-drive option. Even if the XL sized wing is out back, it will be capable of providing some tantalizing ideas for BRZ as well as FR-S.


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