2013 Porsche Cayman : video


Finally! A YouTube user has been able to catch the 2013 Porsche Cayman in action. The user spotted the Cayman in Stuttgart when it was stopping at some traffic lights and immediately started recording. However, the clip is short and it does not reveal anything that we have not already seen from the shots that we saw last year. But, on the upside, it does let us check out the engine sound. Also, even though they have it heavy camouflaged we already know that it is going to basically be a twin to the 2013 Boxster.
Also the same engine options are said to be sticking. The base model will have an 2.7 liter engine that has 265 hp and the high performing Boxster S will have an 3.4 liter engine that has 315 hp.
Stay tuned later during the year for more official details about the Porsche Cayman.



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