2013 Nissan Pathfinder


We all know that SUV’s have been given a makeover from being more truck like to being more carlike but the Nissan Pathfinder manages to stay in the middle. The very first Pathfinder had a truck like body while the second one was a mixture of a car and a truck. Now the third one is a gen model.  However, for the year 2013 the Pathfinder will be sharing its platform with an Infiniti again. This will be the first time in history where it will have front wheel drive yet we imagine all wheel drive will be an option as well.
Hello Hybrid?
The new Pathfinder is expected to have three rows as seats like the JX. Also, it is expected to have the JX’s power train as well. This means it will be able to put out 265 hp. Not to mention the fact that it will also have the “home grown hybrid setup” this will have an electric motor as well as a supercharged 2.5 liter four cylinder and a CVT.
When looking at the picture do not let the grille “struts” trick you. They are only there to cover up the honeycomb grille. When looking at the tail lamps as well they appear to be a decoy to hide whatever Nissan has up their sleeves as well. Not to mention the fact that we expect to find some more styling tricks under the camo as well besides the massive rear spoiler.
This new Pathfinder is expected to be released next year.  However, we expect the price to be in the normal price range of $30k with the more updated version being in the $40s.


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