2013 Mini Cooper Seen In Spy Photos


2013 Mini Cooper Seen In Spy Photos

This car is astonishing really. It is a Mini John Cooper Works that is not a convertible, and it has a lot more bulk and a lot less fat. This is not the first time the car has been spruced up. In 2006, for example, there were just 415 released, and the had some power boosts, better suspension, better wheels, a gray paint job, and red mirror tops, along with a bracket rear spoiler. However, it got rid of an entire backseat and A/C unit, and it lost almost 60 pounds. That’s incredible. Almost all of the new modifications will apply to the next set of models that are coming out with limited features.
This is significant for several factors. The first GP that ever came out was a special thing, and it added some flair to the former hatchback. The new GP coming out should help stir some interest in the car, and it is already starting to gray and look at just six years old. This will be one of the most powerful Mini hatchbacks ever released, and it will make a tremendous difference to hobbyists and other collectors alike.

What will the platform and powertrain be like? The Mini already has a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, and it will probably be getting a power boost to 220 hp. The previous model had just 208. If they can keep the weight down, and the GP Ii has the same suspension, then the GP II should be a crazy monster on the racing track soon.

It will face some competition from the Mazdaspeed 3, Volkswagen, and Fiat too.

It should have a basic arrival time and price of 2012 and $30,600. That is not too shabby for one of the best hardtops available. It will be unveiled at the Mini United event.


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