2013 Mercedes with turbo four and all the spy the photos


2013 Mercedes with turbo four and all the spy the photos
The new version of he Mercedes A-class AMG which has a light cover in the front and the back lower fascias is the new version. The black plastic covers will not make the air intakes visible.  Back the diffuser is being hid. The exhaust tips are oval and traditional units.
The logos on the grill are like a clumsy cover which is on the blacked grill. The wheels are black and the body of the car is in the lower position.
Comparison: 2012 BMW M3 , 2012 Mercedes-Benz c63 AMG Coupe.
Instrumented Test: 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG
2011 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
In the AMG the engine is said to be a monster. The three liter engine which will give a 300 horse power is given from an all drive set up. This is a little one and it may be called A45 or A25.
The A-class model which was launched in New York the previous year, are not sculpted. When the model is seen on road it looks like a mix of Subaru IMpreza and Opel AStra. This five door model will not be launched in United States. The Baby-CLS or the A class derivative  will accommodate what the AMG code cooks up.


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