2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake: Official Details, Gallery


2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake: Official Details, Gallery
Almost all of us have been listening about Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake for quite some time now, not to miss to the fact that many of us would have seen a few of the leaked out pictures ads well.

However, the time has now finally come where the wagon has finally made it official about its launch.
The wagon layout which is certainly quite sleek and sporty and has been inspired from the arched roof of coupe is supposed to be out during the Goodwood Festival of the Speed weekend. Mercedes says that the propositions that have been made by the CLS shooting break are undoubtedly quite surprising and they show that its ready to be launched with its narrow look windows and frameless side windows, long bonnet and rear roof sloping back. Only when you give a closer look at the shooting break, it is that you realize that it has a lot to offer in terms of its functions and consists of five doors.
It is certainly fine, if it is coming from Mercedes.

Irrespective of what is being said but the fact is that CLS shooting brake is quite elegant and is inspired from five door along with a cargo area concept. However, there is a great possibility that it may not be launched in US at all. According to a secret official of Mercedes Benz the slow movement of wagon is certainly a thing of big concern for the company. For this no one in particular is to be blamed, the only thing is that they want to see CLS shooting brake on their side. However, they feel that in the long run Mercedes will surely get persuaded due to the public demand.

The next question that arises here is what is actually motivating the Shooting Brake besides its design. The answer is simple, it has a total of four engines: a four cylinder, V-8 and two of V-6s. However, this list is for the European consumption. In case of the Shooting Brake has to come to US, which is undoubtedly quite unlikely, it will be mainly available in 3.5 liter V6 and 4.6 liter turbo V8 with CLS 350 and CLS 500 badges. In Europe, the car is available in 2.2 liter four cylinder diesel with CLS 250 badge and 3.0 liter CDI diesel with CLS 350 badge. This is available in both all wheel as well as rear wheel drive. However, there is no official word on the launch of CLS 63 AMG version of the Shooting Brake, although it has already been noticed on the road on a test drive.

The body of the car is certainly is the main attraction for the people. Not only this, it is important that the body should prove to be quite useful for the buyers of this car. The boot of the car extends up to as much as 54.7 cubic feet with the back seats put down to approximately 75 percent of the space of the M class, excluding the bulkiness and high ride of the SUV. The CLS Shooting Brake has been especially designed in a way that it is quite light due to the use of the aluminum that that has been used in the making of the front fenders, hood, tailgate, frameless doors and of course also in the suspension and the engine. The major advantage of using the aluminum is that it helps in saving approximately 50 pounds in comparison to the normal steel doors.

Besides the most amazing and innovative design and the light weight structure, the CLS Shooting Brake offers the outstanding full LED headlight system in spite of the standard CLS. However, this addition of the intelligent LED light system was initially found only in the Mercedes cars with xenon headlights. In the full LED system that has been provided in this model, there is a feature of adaptive high beam assist.

The name “Shooting Break” concept has come a long way, Mercedes Benz provides a proper explanation about its change of name with respect to the prior versions.

“Break or homonym Brake, was the name that was once given to the carriages that used to “break” in the wild horses as well as to restrict (or “brake”) their urge for moving, so that they could be used as work horses. As the carts could be broken easily as a part of the process, people tended to not use the ones that they may require urgently for other purposes.  Wherever necessary, “Brakes” were normally fitted with different bodies, which were mainly used for carrying anything that was used for hunting. Motorized Shooting Brakes became very popular in England during the 60s and 70s, which was exclusive used for two-door sports cars.

Again, whatever you call, or however you spell, we would like to see it in America. Mercedes, are you listening?


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