2013 Mercedes A-Class caught completely undisguised [video]


While someone from the Dutch Cycling club OGOTT was out for a ride, they just so happened to have caught a glimpse of the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class on Canary Islands. The expected that what they were doing was preparing promotional materials via a photo shoot for the Geneva Auto Show happening in March where this car will likely be on display. We are thankful that the cyclist had a cam mounted on the handlebars so we got a chance to see it up close and personal!
Similar to the A-class concept, we quickly notice the single wing design on the front grille, we also see the headlights infused with LEDs. It has a very similar look to the B-Class. You can see that the front bumper in the video has an aggressive appear to it. When you combine the aggressive front bumper with the AMG wheels, we can be led to believe this might be a sport package that will be available to the consumers.
The funny part is that Mercedes released something known as the “A-class OR-Trophy”. This is expected to the scavenger hunt / teaser for the new Mercedes-Benz. This must have put a real dent in that campaign!
As noted above, the 2012 A-Class will also be ridden on the MFA platform just like the B-Class. The variety of options you have will likely carry over as well. You can probably expect five options fanging from 109PS to 204PS. You can also choose a diesel option with 122PS to 204PS.

2013 Mercedes A-Class



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