2013 Mazda (Ford) mule spied


allnew mazda ford mule

Here is a tricky one, what is this old Mazda Demio body hiding? A new Mazda mini MPV? Or are the Ford guys using it to hide the B-Max?

ford mule 2013

What we know is that the body is chopped up at several places, just look at the front, the engine hood and the windshield. Also the fenders are wider, the position of the fuel cap is mixed up and there are weights on the roof to simulate higher sitting weight. It could be an mule for Mazdas answer to the B-Max, but two things points a little towards Ford: The plates are from Cologne and the prototype has a name, Chiara. That’s typical Ford manners.

2013 mazda ford mule

On the other hand, it could be a trick from the Mazda guys just to fool us. We will just have to wait and see when real body prototypes show up later on.

new mazda ford 2013

mazda prototype 2013

2013 mazda spyphotos


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