2013 Mazda 6 Hybrid Spy Photos


You are now getting a look at one of the new Mazda’s that is expected to be released. Currently, “Zoom Zoom” is working with another hybrid and as you can see in the picture there are some things that have been borrowed from Toyota as well.

This Mazda contains the same gear level as the Prius; however, Mazda has already informed us that the hybrid tech will be from Toyota. However, we cannot be sure as to what all we can expect until it is introduced to us formally around the end of the year 2012 or early 2013. But, we do know that this model will not only include the funny shifter but it will also contain an EV button which hints that something in the car will be electric only. For instant, the Toyota Highlander – the new one- has an EV mode that works as a token of silent cruising.
We have reason to believe that Mazda will also be hybridizing their current Mazda 6 instead of making a unique model due to the fact that they would spend millions if they did otherwise. However, you can expect the next model hybrid that they release to have more of a punch then the Prius does. The engine should reach about 163 hp and 40 mpg.
No one should be surprised that Mazda has made the decision to get into the hybrid market. However, we are personally not too excited about the news due to the fact that hybrids are not some of the most exciting cars to ride or drive. Also, with this new change taking place it makes the diesel power trains that are available in the U.S. have a shaky career. But, Mazda has assured us that they will make one more model in the year of 2012.


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