2013 Lincoln MKS Spy Photos


During the month of September we told you about how Ford has plans to turn the Lincoln brand around. Also, we told you that the plan would begin progressing during the month of November with the updated MKS and MKT. Currently; we have sneak previews of the former, which in return gives us a preview at a number of the updates.

There has been a lot of gossip about Lincoln sending its current waterfall grille design to the garbage can. However the new head designer, Max Wolff apparently will start by refining instead of throwing away the work. From looking at the pictures you can see through the back cladding on this car that the 2013 MKS grille set still has two sections filled with vertical bars. However, they are crowded with more, thinner chrome vanes. Also, there are fog light housings that are a tad smaller and lower on the bumper.
On the rear you can notice that the taillights, that are currently very linear and vertical, will feature new C-shaped LED stripes while the trunk panel between also will be redesigned. Not to mention the fact that the license plate that used to be in the center of the trunk lid can now be found mounted on the lower bumper.
The news about the inside can be viewed as both good and bad it all depends on how you feel about the controversial MyLincoln Touch technology, also known as MyFord Touch. Also, there are touch sensitive volume and fan control strips that can be noticed on the 2011 MKX. However, we feel that this is not a positive change due to the fact that we think the system stinks.
Currently, we have no clue what will be different under the hood but we do have a few guesses. When the 2013 Ford Taurus debuted we feel that there will be some minor changes, such as a larger brake master cylinder and also a bigger brake rotor on the EcoBoost V-6. However, are guess is also that Lincoln will skip the Taurus’s new four cylinder EcoBoost engine. However, we will know whether or not we are correct in a few months.


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