2013 Jaguar F-Type Roadster – Engines Confirmed!


2013 Jaguar F-Type Roadster – Engines Confirmed!
Jaguar’s brand new F-type is becoming a best sports car with recent news of the complete engine line-up. It even includes supercharged V8 and V6 power – now affirmed by Jaguar.  The artists have finally disclosed the official spy photographs that were issued by Jaguar on verification that the project has been finally approved. The spy shots offer a better idea of what the production concept will resemble. The company will launch the first F-type as a roadster in coming spring 2013. A car will follow a year later in 2014. One can expect the amount to begin at around $55,000.
Jaguar keeps testing the new concept and this is the very first time that we have noticed the last stage prototypes in United Kingdom. Till now, we have only utilized the official hand out pictures of an F-type model issued by the company itself. Moreover, these independently spy photographs of the new model assure more detail on one of most keenly expected sports cars of the year 2013. The cover star of the month of May 2012 issue of CAR Magazine will be disclosed in the end of 2012.

The final name of the F-type model was affirmed at the New York Auto Show 2012. From the spy photographs we can notice that the F-type model will closely resemble the C-X16 car of the year 2011. The company plans to launch a new roadster in summer 2013. The price may range around $55,000 followed by an F-type car about a year later.  Well, it is the brand new, exceptional model line to be introduced by Jag after the X-type model of 2000.

The new spy photographs were shot on public lanes near Midlands. It is a best chance to notice the pop-up spoiler. It will set out only needed, maintaining the clean lines of Jag’s roadster profile cleared when packed.  At the Beijing show 2012, Jag has officially confirmed that car has been disclosed already. The F-type concept will be the very first model to make use of firm’s new V6 3 liter engine. It is actually derived from the V8 5 liter.

It even shares some of its valve gear and aluminum outer look. Till now, Coventry has officially confirmed 3 V6 supercharged 332lb  and 335bhp ft @1800rpm, 5 V8 in either 543bhp or 503bhp forms (not yet decided) and 3 V6 supercharged 332lb and 375bhp ft @1800rpm. As far as the engines are considered, you can avoid the reality that the model is being registered as a diesel. It is mainly for the reason that the model has to be still registered with a road going engine. The diesel description is only a random option. No derv F-type model is being planned.



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