2013 Jaguar F Type Coupe Pictures Taken


There has been so much hype about the Jaguar F type Roadster that it is easy to forget that there is a coupe that will be revealed in the summer of 2014. This will have the same V6 and V8 powertrains as the Roadster. It is expected that it will be a bit cheaper than the cabrio too.
It is a two seater car, meaning that it is not more practical than the convertible in that sense. However, it does have a hatchback boot (clues can be seen in the pictures from the panel gaps above the rear lights) which means that there will be more room for luggage than the 196 litres in the roadster. However, it is still less than what is offered by the Porsche Cayman.
It looks almost identical to the concept that was shown in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is a great thing as it was a good looking car.
It has been jointly made as a convertible and coupe like the XK and so the topless model will still feel sturdy. There will be a bit more rigidity and weight saving on the car without a removable roof as it lacks that mechanism. It has an aluminium construction and is a 1600kg car. It will be more refined that the F-type car.
There will be supercharged V6 engines carried over from the F-type cars as well as a supercharged 5.0 litre V8 and the eight speed automatic gearbox will be standard on all cars.
It may be felt that the new car will fit in the XK’s market position but this has been around since 2006, albeit with three facelifts, but it is time that it had some big improvements to it.
The next generation of grand Tourer is expected to be bigger and more expensive, increasing from the current £65,495 entry price so that it rivals the super GT status of the Masarati, Porsche 911 and Aston Martin.


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