2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo – Spy Shots


Hyundai looks like they had loads of fun when creating their wild appearance Veloster coupe. From the photos you can notice that this car has a mean demeanor from afar. Not to mention the fact that the turbocharged version should reach 60 bhp more than the base model.
Usually, Hyundai plays it safe when it comes to hyping the Veloster. However, we can see from this car’s bold design and bizarre 3 door layout that they are becoming a bit daring. From the photos you can see the driver’s side only contains one door where as the passenger’s side contains two.
We first saw this car in the Detroit Auto Show we could see that Hyundai was working on touting the Veloster’s 40 mph highway fuel mileage. We can all agree that fuel mileage is a big factor when it comes to determining whether or not we will purchase a car. It’s good to see that the engineers realize this as well.
Power and Mpg
When it comes to power and Mpg there is a lot that can be expected. Below you can find some of the perks of this new model based on the test mule:
•    New front end
•    Revised grille
•    Round fog lights and even a chin spoiler
•    New rear spoiler (we expect)
•    Turbo charged
•    Direct Gamma 4 cylinder engine
•    6 speed manual and 6 speed dual clutch automatic (we expect)
All of those features can be expected plus more. Not to mention the fact that we would not be surprised if this car reaches more than 200 bhp. However, we will have to wait and see what type of impact this car will have on the fuel economy. You can expect to find this out when the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo appears at either the Los Angeles Auto Show later this year or early in the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.


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