2013 Ford Fusion Spy Photos


The Fiesta and the Focus have really kicked it off for the Ford family however now it is the Fusion’s time to shine. When we first took a look at what was in store for this car we saw a midsized car that was similar to the European Ford Mondeo. However, now sneaking another peak of the car we see a shrouded stem to stern in black camo.

Could It Be a Lincoln?
When we take a look at this car the first thing we notice is it does not have a grille which makes us believe that it is a 2013 Lincoln MKZ. However, even though we are positive it is a Ford mate we also think that it is possible to be a 2013 Taurus more than a Lincoln. However, when we examine the back of the car we have reason to believe that it could be a hatchback – and Audi A7 for the poor.  This would not surprise us if it turned out to be this due to the fact that the Mondeo made as a hatchback and also a wagon. However, what would be the shocker is if it hits the market in America.
Could It Be a Hybrid?
We have observed details such as exterior mirrors on the door skins which is suppose to make it better to see out of. Also, the exhaust makes us believe that this will be a four cylinder. We are expecting that it will be a 170 or so horsepower and have a turbocharged 2.0 liter between 240 and 250. Not to mention the fact that it is also expected to have a better battery capacity and will be one of the best Fusion hybrids ever to be released.
There are so many questions about this car floating around but within a year we will know the answers.


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