2013 Ford Fiesta based SUV scooped


If you want to reach to the top, you have to test at the top. And in this case the Ford test drivers decided that the top of Pikes Peak is the right place to test at.
Last week we showed you the first photos of the new Ford B-Max, but that’s not the only Ford Fiesta based new car that Ford is working on. Maybe you remember the high-jacked Ford Fiestas from last year? Well, here is the production version of the new Fiesta based baby Kuga that we still don’t have a name for. We expect engines and gearboxes to be the same as found in the Fiesta line-up even if there might be a more powerful version to compensate for the higher weight.

It could also be that a more powerful engine is available for the optional four-wheel-drive version. One thing we really hope for is that the box in the back, maybe hiding a spare wheel, is just camouflage and that we don’t have to see that on the cars in the showrooms at your local Ford dealer late next year.



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